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1. Suspension

1.1 Modified suspension front AND rear allowed

1.2 Coil over, Bypass, and Air bumps allowed

1.3 Driveshaft safety loops required 12 “ from front of each drive shaft

2. Roll Cage

2.1 Should conform to Score rules regarding tubing size, type and vehicle weight

2.2 Roll cage must be mounted securely to the frame at 6 points

2.3 “X” support required in B pillar

2.4 Door bars required for all occupants

3. Seat and Harness

3.1 Race Seat for driver and passenger (if equipped) required

3.2 Five point harness for driver and passenger (if equipped) required

3.2.1 Harness properly installed

3.3 Seat and harness must be mounted to roll cage

3.4 Window nets or arm restrains required for driver/passenger

3.5 Door bars are required

4. Engine

4.1 Modified engines allowed

4.2 No nitro or alcohol

4.3 Fuel cell required

4.4 Transmission scatter shield recommended

4.5 Battery must be securely mounted. No bungee cords

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