Modified Class Rules

  1. Hood and windshield required.

  2. PPE – Arms and Legs must be covered – Non Polyester material

  3. OEM structure must be recognizable

  4. Fibreglass body’s or tube frames not allowed.

  5. Axle placement must remain under oem frame.

  6. Body swaps allowed. 

  7. Tires must be DOT approved and limited to 38.5” in diameter

  8. No cut paddle or pivot tires.

  9. No lift limit.

  10. No blowers or aftermarket turbo’s,

  11. No nitrous – remove bottle, alcohol ect

  12. Gas, Diesel, and VP allowed

  13. Propane may be used but only as primary fuel source! (No injection)

  14. 450 hp (## sea-level hp) limit rear wheel (ACTUAL)

  15. Driveline loops required, U-joint guards on differentials mandatory

  16. Roll bar is mandatory on unaltered OEM Cabs.

  17. Altered cab must have a minimum 4 point Roll Cage with 5 point harness is mandatory.

  18. Neck braces recommended.

  19. Transmission shield required only if transmission brake present.

  20. No frame extensions

  21. Motor can be relocated but must remain under hood

  22. Must also meet all required points in vehicle rules.